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Episode # 9 (Season 1): Softonic Willemoes

At the age of 18, she began studying law, graduate as a lawyer and started working at a law bureau. During her honeymoon at Paris in 2007, she saw some upholstered chairs and get dazzled with them: that day her life had changed completely. A year later, she quit the law bureau where she had become a partner and began a path in the design and art world, where she was able to recognized herself, and develop her quality as a natural "entrepreneurial spirit". In 2009, she applied at the innovation and creativity contest IncuBA, a Buenos Aires City Government grant, and got selected. She opened her own brand as “Sofía Willemoës Interiorismo”, with a boutique on Arenales street, where she develop and commercialize products through innovative productive processes and materials. Since then, she has been building a universe where she was able to translate her fantasy world into murals, wallpaper and other design objects.

 Last year, in her sixth consecutive participation at Casa FOA, she presented a dining room, which she called "Vietnam". Actually, Sofia has been working with projects both at New York (USA) and Mexico.